Because scientific concepts, especially in higher education, are mostly taught using illustrations and diagrams, students with blindness and other visual impairments are often left behind by our education system. To address this gap, we created inquiry-based, traveling science education toolboxes that use current best pedagogical practice to enable blind students to explore the wonders of biology on their own.

The kits are currently being housed at the Utah School for the Deaf and Blind’s campus in Millcreek, Utah, and can be rented by any teacher, parent, or student by mail. In addition, many of the toolbox materials can be downloaded and printed by anyone with a 3D printer.

Students with Visual Impairments

Visually-impaired students can learn a lot about structure and morphology from tactile examination.

Mammal Evolution Toolboxgalapagos set

This toolbox, centered around the evolution of mammals, teaches students about how scientists reconstruct animal family trees.

Human Evolution Toolbox

This toolbox encourages students to explore human origins and the primate family true with skeletal models and textured phylogenies.

Galapagos Toolbox

galapagos set

This toolbox, focused on shell shape in Galapagos tortoises, introduces students to ecology, natural selection, and conservation.